#37 Did we lose Africa? What if we used data to win the battle of ideas


“You cannot get married to your ideas – you need to date them. You need to be able to change your ideas when conditions change” says foresight analyst Dr. Florence Gaub about her work. Data scientist Katharina Schüller reflects: “It is the responsibility of data experts to formulate answer to peoples’ questions. We need to use visual tools to better communicate our findings.”

These are just some of the highlights of this episode recorded live from the Munich Security Conference 2023. In this episode data scientist Katharina Schüller and security expert and futurist Dr. Florence Gaub take a fresh look at past and current developments in Africa. They ask if Europeans have truly “lost” African hearts and minds and if yes: Does it matter and should it force European policy makers to rethink current strategies? Katharina Schüller illustrates how digital data and modern data mining techniques can help us to better understand Africa’s future potentials to evaluate options for action, when it comes to for example mobility, climate change, education, urbanization. Dr. Florence Gaub examines the potential for conflict and current trends in Africa and its implication for US and EU policy makers. If you want to watch the Video on YouTube, including the data that Katharina Schüller shows, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYDY9riSEu0

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